Bonus #2

Bonus #2

100% Rebate Against First 3 Months WPS Membership

Your first month’s WPS membership is only $1. After your first 3 months, on request you will receive your 100% rebate.

Wealth Preservation Society membership will give you further insight, and more specifically when and why our strategy will change.

Membership to the WPS is only$1 for the first month.

Subsequent months are just $19.97, to help pay for the expert sources of information we review,  as well as to pay for the Partner Program.

With our Partner Program, you can effectively have your membership paid for, and ultimately you could use it to create a passive income stream for minimal effort.

YOUR added bonus, as a ‘thank you’ for purchasing the Why Gold? Why Now? report, is that after 3 months, you can just mail us (with a copy of your online receipt and membership number) and you will receive a rebate of %100 of your first three months membership fees.

This would be in addition to any monies you may be earning through our Partner program!


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