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Welcome to the Wealth Preservation Society

In this 17 minute video we will introduce an opportunity:


  • that is different to anything you have seen before…

  • that holds REAL value

  • that provides you with the real possibility of creating a passive income within 24 hours

  • that focuses on people’s needs as well as their wants.

  • that can create added security for you and your family

  • a product that holds value for around 99% of the population

  • that is a viable Internet business that truly supports our passions of helping others, whilst maintaining our values of honesty and integrity!

  • that you can have access to, for just $1…

Let’s start by introducing ourselves


I am Ian Sumner,  and along with my business partner, Paul Binks we would like to thank you for spending a few minutes to explore this opportunity with us.


We are two friends who met during our search for a viable business opportunity on the Internet.  The particular opportunity where we met ultimately failed, but it was during this time that we realised we had the same very strong values, and similar drive and passion to help others.


Interestingly, although our lives have been very different…


…we have come to similar conclusions about what is right, and what is wrong.


People in this world have been encouraged to give away their power.


To live their daily life in some form of rat race,


and when something goes wrong they look for someone to blame.


Does it all sound too familiar?

Internet Opportunities


In the current economic climate many of us are looking for ways to supplement our income.


You are looking at this video, which suggests that you are looking for opportunities on the Internet.


Depending on how long you have been looking, you would have seen that there are a number of ways to earn money online…


The main ones are to:


  • Create your own products and sell them.  Either physical products, or digital products.


  • Create your own membership site and sell subscriptions.


  • Become an affiliate and sell someone else’s products.


  • Join some type multi-level-marketing business to earn commissions.


  • Or, join some type of HYIP program and hope you got in early enough, before it collapses!

What has your experience been?  Failed too many times?…


Are you struggling to see the wood for the trees?


Are you overwhelmed by the amount of work you need to do?


Are you frustrated by the promises of earning $2547 dollars by tomorrow morning, just to learn it’s not gonna happen!


You may have tried a number of Internet opportunities and are sick and tired of the hype,  or you have found it to be too much work, or there are too many hurdles and you haven’t been given the explanation of how cross them.

What are you looking for?


To start with, you may be simply looking to earn that first dollar….


…and recognise that you have sufficient knowledge to keep increasing that dollar month…

…after month.


You are probably looking for a simple process that all but guarantees your success…


…and someone that offers you REAL support.


When you are told the cost in time and money for a particular opportunity, you don’t want to find that it is unworkable without buying further products or spending 30 hours a week on it!


You want a real product that holds real value to the customer.  Something that you don’t need to compromise your values to sell.

One solution


How does monthly affiliate commissions from a membership site sound?


Mmm… Maybe it is not that simple.


Membership sites work well, but typically after a few months, the information is no longer as valuable.  For example, you may have been following an Internet marketer’s membership site, but if you haven’t earned any money through following his methods, after six months you are likely to leave.


The secret is to find a membership site where the product continually evolves, and is based around an interest that is not likely to diminish with time.

Maximum Appeal


The next challenge is to find a membership site where the information has potential value for everyone .  For example, membership sites based around golf ,

or internet marketing,

…or even underwater hang-gliding,

each have limited appeal.  At best, maybe one in 100 people may be interested.


With the right product, potential members are likely to be easier to find, and the member is likely to stay a member for life!


If you were able to introduce a member and receive a substantial commission every month that they stayed a member, you would then have a passive income set up for life!

Let’s look at one of the basics.


What makes a great product?


All products aim to fulfill at least one of the following.


  • The product saves the purchaser time


  • The product saves the purchaser money


  • The product improves the quality of life of the purchaser.


If you could find a product that did all three, you know you would be onto a winner!


If you were able to find a winner within a membership site that had potential life long value for everyone, you have the makings of an opportunity that could become a viral phenomenon.


We are sure you would agree!

So, does this opportunity actually exist?


We spent a number of years on the Internet looking for a real opportunity for  the ordinary person.


We didn’t find it.


We realised we would need to create it ourselves.


It needed to be of real value to everyone, even those that don’t realise it, or ‘have their heads in the sand’.

So what did we come up with?


What is it that people really want…


What is it that YOU really want?


Do you want a brand-new 50 inch plasma TV?


Or how about the latest iPad?


Or how about a great night out with your friends?


Or what about learning about the economy?


Ok, so you would probably choose one of the first 3


We would have done 4 years ago!


Well.  We are going to explain to you why YOU really want the last one!


We’re not going to apologise – this is REAL value – not just hype.

We’ll start with a {very} short history lesson!


200 years ago we had the age of the ‘machine’ and the industrial revolution


In the last century we had the age of technology.


With the help of the internet, we have moved into the information age and knowledge is king.  It is so easy to find the information you need these days, that if you do not keep up, and keep yourself in the loop, you risk being left behind, or worse still, being walked over by those in the know.


The good news is that you don’t have to spend your life trying to learn everything.  You just need to know what you need to know!


And that’s where we come in.


We believe that life can be more enjoyable and rewarding, when you know just enough to stop yourself from being left behind.  There isn’t really a lot to learn.  The challenge is to go through everything, to find out WHAT you need to learn.


There are those things that you learn once, and those that are continually evolving that you need to keep an eye on.


This is the challenge that we have taken the last 3 years wading through, to get the basics of what you need to minimise stress in your life


What lies ahead is real value…

So what is it that you really need to learn?


After further thought, we realised that the answer was fairly obvious.


Money!  And how it works…


More precisely, the financial security, that comes through financial education.


Real financial education; The type we are not taught in schools.


Although not the most exciting subject, we see the world economy facing huge challenges.


We knew that if we didn’t take steps protect our own wealth we could find ourselves in dire straits when the inevitable financial collapse comes.

A mathematical certainty


National debts are out of control


When nations are this much in debt, financial collapse is a mathematical certainty.


It will come in one of two ways, or a combination of the two..


The first would be by each country in turn declaring bankruptcy, or defaulting on their debts.  This could happen over a very short period of time.  In days, or hours, or even minutes… It really could...


The risk is that when one country does not pay the billions of dollars it owes another, the other may retaliate militarily.


Not good at all!


The second way would be by continually printing money so the amounts owed become insignificant.


The effect would include either directly or indirectly stealing the wealth from its people.


This is the method currently being used, but ultimately risks leaving the majority of the population penniless.  It also risks hyperinflation, and still risks upsetting other countries that have lent money.

The Economy


Whether we like it or not, the outlook is not good, and the politicians we have running the show appear to have no strategic plan of getting us out of the mess.


Remember, these are the same guys that got us in the mess in the first place!


Here is a famous quote by Einestine

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”


Politicians got us in the mess;  They are unlikely to be able to get us out!


Understanding this, led us into investigating long-term financial trends.


Looking back in history, you can see very clear periods of boom and bust, and very clear periods when the stock market, or government bonds, or commodities, or housing, or currencies become strong, and times when they become weak.


These cycles are certain to continue, as they are a reflection of fundamental human nature.

A little knowledge removes a lot of stress!


We realised that If you were to know just a little bit about the trends, and when it was the right time to move from one asset class to another, you could remove a lot of the major financial stress that is coming down the ‘‘pike’.


A good result!


Looking back to “today”, now is not a good time for currencies.  There is so much credit around the world, and over one quadrillion dollars worth of ‘derivatives’, that there is only one ultimate realistic outcome.  And it is not a good one!


* to put that in perspective, one quadrillion is a billion billion…


Take a look at the image…



Those are stacks of $100 bills…

Can you spot that jumbo jet?


this is equal to $150,000 for every man woman and child on the planet!


Governments are not interested in looking after our interests.  They are only interested in looking after the banks, who they have allowed to destroy the stability of the financial system…


It is us and our children that will pick up the bill, through lower pensions and benefits, as well as higher taxes, and so on.

We knew we had to look after ourselves!


It was clear that we had to do something ourselves, and at least put some form of financial insurance policy in place,


The worst-case scenario would be that the insurance policy was never needed.  The benefit would be, that we could sleep soundly at night whatever happened.


Do you think it may be worth you doing the same, before it is too late?


Do you feel this knowledge may be of benefit to your neighbours, your relatives, your friends, and in fact, everyone?

Consider the following…


Do YOU feel that your government may not be acting in your best interest…


Do you feel you may be being kept in the dark about what is really going on?


and do YOU feel powerless against the financial mess the world is in


Well, you DO have a choice

Solutions, not doom and gloom


We are both very positive people, so did not want to go around spreading doom and gloom.  We would prefer spreading a message of, ‘there are ways to protect yourself’.


This is how the Wealth Preservation Society (WPS) was born.


The WPS is a membership website whose aim is to keep you informed about the major financial challenges ahead, and what you can do about them.


We do also recognise that you as a member, have much better things to do with your life than worrying about the state of the economy!

The benefits of WPS membership include:


  • Access to the simple strategy that we are using.


  • Weekly updates to confirm that nothing has fundamentally changed, or to provide simple information on what has changed and why.  These updates can usually be read in just two seconds, literally.


  • A Monthly newsletter


  • A Membership Website.


  • Information behind the one major asset class that has the power to provide an insurance policy, and is accessible to the average person.


  • And, as this crisis moves toward its end we will say when we are moving into the next asset class, and what that class will be.

Still unsure of the value?


One part of you may still believe that all will be ok if you do nothing…


…You may be right.


But how will you feel when the **** hits the fan, and you have done nothing to protect your family?


We are sure you now see the amazing value of the product…

Partner Program (Affiliate) Commissions


You are supported by the WPS Partner Program which makes it very simple for you to spread the word and earn a passive income every SINGLE month…


month after month!!!


The sky’s the limit as to how much you can earn… Really!

Membership Cost


You can have full access to all the membership benefits, including the Partner Program,


for just $1


just one dollar, and then just $19.97 a month.


We have gone for the low price to make it accessible to everyone you mention it to!


Do you think you may be able to persuade your friends to take a look at preserving their wealth, if it would only cost them a dollar to find out more?

Let’s Recap


What we have created for you, is…


  • A product that holds real value for you, and for everyone


  • A product that provides a lifetime of value.


  • A product that saves the purchaser time


  • A product that saves the purchaser money


  • A product that improves the quality of life of the purchaser.


  • A product that removes stress, through REAL financial education!


  • A product that encourages and empowers you to take back your power!  Your government isn’t interested in you!


  • A product that focuses on Solutions, not doom and gloom


  • An opportunity that makes it very simple for you to spread the word


  • An opportunity with a “sky’s the limit” potential


  • A product that is just $1 to try, and just $19.97 a month afterwards.

A Final Thought


No special offers

No time sensitive pressure

No BS Hypey sales stuff


Just REAL value

GET INSTANT ACCESS today for just $1

By Clicking  the link below


That leaves us with just one thing to say…

Thanks for listening..

We look forward to seeing you on the inside


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