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Q. Are We Financial Advisors?

A. No. We are not. We are simply giving you the information that WE are implementing to preserve our wealth. We are not responsible for any direct or indirect losses you may suffer as a result of following our lead

Q. So, Why Should You Listen To Us?

A. Because we are telling you what WE are doing. And because we will continue to provide a significant amount of information from a variety of sources to back up our actions.

Q. How Long Has The Wealth Preservation Society Been Around & Why Should You Trust Us?

A. As a group we have been together since early 2011.

What brought us together was a common understanding that we were not in possession of the full facts of how the worlds financial system worked. We passionately set out to fill in our missing knowledge and in so doing we have become frustrated that it is not readily available to all. We have become equally passionate about putting that right!

We fully believe in what we are saying and the actions we are taking, but… as the quote says:

“Read everything, Listen to everybody. Don’t trust anything unless you can prove it with your own research.” – William Cooper (1943-2001)’.

We would encourage you to check out what we say, we have nothing to hide and welcome any feedback you may have.

Q. Why Do We Charge For Membership?

A. There are a number of reasons, the most important of which are as follows:

1) So that YOU place an immediate value on the education you receive.

2) So that YOU can earn from the WPS yourself! (See our Partner Program!)

3) So that we can afford to pay for the experts and expert information that we wade through on your behalf. Some of the higher end newsletters do cost many thousands of dollars a year!

Q. Can You Give More Details On The Partner Program?

A. Any successful introduction that provides us with a new member will provide you with a residual and passive income for as long as you and your introduction remain members.

This will be paid once your introductions are paying the full monthly membership fee.  This excludes any trial period or first month discounts.

You will receive only one monthly payment whether you have introduced one member or many new members.  We aim to pay this a few days after your you have paid your monthly renewal.

For each member who has signed up as a consequence of your introduction, you will receive $10 a month for as long as they and you remain members. 1 member – $10 a month; 5 members -$50 a month; 50 members – $500 dollars a month, and so on.

Q. If Membership Is So Valuable, Why Are We Not Charging More? 

A. We are still adding value to this site frequently so it WILL go up! However, whatever price you sign up at it will be locked in. The earlier you sign up the cheaper your membership.

Q. Why Do We Keep Talking About The Italian Job? What Does That Have To Do With The Wealth Preservation Society?

A. The Italian Job is a 1969 UK comedy film classic.

The well known music from the film states “This is a Self Preservation Society”. We believe that giving away our power and relying on someone else to run our lives for us is not a good way to be. We should take back control of our own lives. Whether we like it or not the world does run on money, therefore wealth preservation is an important part of self preservation!

We wanted to keep our site fun so have used some ideas inspired by the film.

Preserving your wealth is a serious business but it is important in life to still have fun!

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