The WPS Strategy

Let’s Keep Things Simple…

The WPS Strategy

The Wealth Preservation Society like to keep things simple and with that in mind have short-listed a couple of Wealth Preservation strategies:

For the first one, let’s go over to Charlie…

(The guy with the glasses and gloves featured in our membership videos)


…”RIGHT! Back in the late sixties, I thought I knew everything… Well, I did! But to make a nice little nest egg for myself I would have to go through hours of planning, hyjack an armoured truck, use explosives and even risk prison! Yep, that’s what happened in Turin! All that JUST to get at what’s inside the WPS today! However if you do choose this option just remember…

“You’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!”…

However… This may affect our ability to sleep soundly!

Therefore We Considered The Following:

If we have debts:

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  • Take aggressive action to reduce debt.
  • Create passive income streams from sources such as the Partner Program inside The WPS membership.


If we have don’t have debts:

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  • Create passive income streams from sources such as the Partner Program inside The WPS membership.
  • Look at what savings we have:  Put 10% of this amount in Gold, in equal amounts over a 5 month period, using any of the ‘Gold & Silver‘ sources mentioned on this site. (2% of the total amount each month).
  • Look at the maximum amount we could afford to save regularly each month:  Put 10% of this amount each month in Gold using any of the ‘Gold & Silver‘ sources mentioned in this site .
  • In each case above, if we are saving small amounts, check that the charges are not disproportionately high.
  • Spread the remainder 90% across a number of easy-access bank accounts.


Get on with the rest of our lives,

knowing that if our currency collapses, we should be fine!

Wow – Isn’t that simple?


By the way…  we decided not to follow Charlie’s suggestion!

Further Detail

The basis for our thoughts is that if currencies do collapse, asset values and in particular, Gold should increase in value to offset these losses.

If we cost average our purchases, by buying over a period of time, we avoid the risk of buying at a peak, before an unexpected ‘correction’ in the price.

Those of us that are more adventurous are also diversifying into other real assets, starting with Silver.

For your information we aim to add the stories behind these other assets, and their advantages / disadvantages, over time.

As we have learned more, some of us have put a higher percentage of our wealth into Gold and Silver. Anything up to 20 to 25% could be considered ‘sensible’. In fact  it’s not hard to justify putting in more than 25%…

Some people are already 100% invested in real assets, and although we can’t recommend this, if we could only choose one: Dollars, Pounds, the Euro, etc, or Gold. We would choose Gold!

As you learn more, you may draw the same conclusion…



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