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Now you are a member let’s get you on track to preserving your wealth and to take charge of your financial future.

We believe your time is valuable. Our primary conclusions will be kept easy to find and easy to understand. Lots of further detail will be made available to reinforce our current view.

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Within the membership area, you will find the following:-

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  • New Members Start Here
    Orientation for your new road ahead!
  • Latest News
    Selected articles from the last month’s research
    We don’t want you to fall asleep reading hundreds of articles that say the same thing!
  • Latest Updates
    Latest changes to the site
    We’ll tell you where to look!
  • Knowledge
    Your GREATEST asset!
    What you didn’t know you didn’t know
  • Real Assets
    Gold and Silver, and other Real Assets!
    Your insurance policy
  • Self Empowerment
    Now you know what to do, this will help you to take action
    Its your life: take ownership; take action
  • The WPS Strategy
    Our simple strategy for Wealth Preservation
    Its so simple…even Freddie can do it!
  • Current Status Explained
    Expanded explanation of the ‘Current Status Button’.
    In layman’s terms…What on earth is the Big Green Button?
  • Outside The Box Thinking
    Why you MUST spread the word…
    Tell ALL your friends…AND your enemies!!!
  • About Us
    Get to know more about us, and why we created the WPS
    Did we really rob a bank in Turin during a football match?
  • Member Bonuses
    Some freebies to get you thinking…
    Hey! You’re worth it!
  • Competitions
    Something more to get you thinking!
  • Recommended Books, DVD’s & CD’s
    Some great education…And a bit of fun too…
    Yeah! We seriously want to get you thinking!
  • Video Clips
    Some free education…And a bit more fun!
    Even more food for thought…..
  • More Ideas To Come! 

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