Partner Program 2

Any successful introduction that provides us with a new member will provide you with a residual and passive income for as long as they and you remain members.

This will be paid after they have been a member for 30 days and their free refund / trial period has expired.  You will receive only one monthly payment whether you have introduced one member or many new members.

We were looking at your ‘commission’ being 50% of the membership fee, but this would make $9.985.  Far too complicated! So we have rounded this up to $10.

This simple means that for every member who signs up as a consequence of your introduction, you will receive $10 a month for as long as they and you remain members.  1 member – $10 a month;  5 members -$50 a month;  50 members – $500 dollars a month, and so on.

Remember… You must be a WPS member to take advantage of the Partner Program


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