Real Wealth Ltd – Our Business Plan

Some examples of the Challenge as we see it

At Real Wealth, we believe the world is heading in the wrong direction.  For many years, we have been slowly losing our identities.  We have learned to believe that something is ‘missing’.  We have been taught to rely on others when WE believe we should be relying on ourselves.

Looking around our lives we see a society where the blame culture sits front and centre.  You have an accident and the first thought is – Who can I blame?

Yet, on the other side, we expect everything today… and without working for it!  This is commonly referred to ‘instant gratification’.  The effect is that most of us do not truly value what we have, and many of us just look for more ‘stuff’ to fill a feeling of inadequacy, or ‘emptiness’ inside.  Although, most of us do not realise this is what we are doing.

Many of us no longer appreciate one another for who we really are.  If someone does something we don’t like, we choose to no longer like them.  This goes a long way to explain the high divorce rate!

As a society, we now have such low self esteem that the bully culture, and fear management are everywhere.  For example. “Do as I say or you will lose your job.”  “There are plenty of others who will take your job”, and so on.

Stress levels are increasing everywhere.  Multiple studies show that most of us do not enjoy our ‘jobs’.  They are just a means to earn a paycheck to help us buy stuff to fill that emptiness we mentioned above.

Obesity levels are on the rise, and reaching epidemic proportions.  There are multiple reasons for this, but they include trying to fill the emptiness mentioned above, and being presented with minimal time and junk food solutions everywhere.

More of us now recognise the day to day struggles seem to be getting harder, but we don’t have the time or understanding to work out why everything seems to be getting harder.

The cost of everything seems to be going up, we don’t have the spare money to save for retirement.  The media and Governments tell us that the ‘pension pot’ is running out.  We will have to work later in life to be able to provide for ourselves.  But of course this will take the work from our ‘children’.  Youth unemployment around the world is now at astronomical levels.

Governments are now recognising they are running out of money, and raising taxes and introducing Austerity measures as a result.

In response, more people are joining street protests or striking from their jobs.

There seems to be no end in sight to the challenges ahead.

What can we do about it?

At Real Wealth we recognise there are two ways to change your environment – Fight the existing one, joining in the street protests and so on, or just create a new one that works.

This must start with YOU and needs to be looked at on many levels.  Inspiring you to empower yourself is our core message.

Real Wealth will break the various topics into a number of areas, and where possible introduce a little humour, as learning about what is really happening can be quite dull, or even depressing!

For this reason, we are focusing on solutions, and only giving sufficient review of the current situation, to hopefully inspire and motivate you that you need to take action yourself!

We see this as a lifelong mission, to re educate as many as possible.  Real Wealth will be around for a long time to remind you where your real wealth lies:

Health, happiness, and feeling in control of our own lives we put right at the heart of this.

Our first three websites will be The Self Preservation Society (SPS), The Health Preservation Society (HPS) and the Wealth Preservation Society (WPS).


We have started with the WPS because having your finances in order provides a firm foundation for everything else to be built on. We live in a money driven world, so it is beneficial to understand how it really works, and why there are huge challenges just ahead.

The majority of us are just not taught this stuff by our teachers in school, or by our parents, as they don’t know themselves.  This knowledge has been kept to an elite few who feel it is better if we are kept in the dark about how things really work.


More interesting, and the area many of us want to work on will be under the HPS.  This will be further broken down into three areas.  Exercise, diet and mental health.  Much of the health system we have around us today is reactive.  We will  promote proactive health.  It is much ‘cheaper’ on all levels to not get ill in the first place, rather than to fix issues due to poor self maintenance!


Next comes the real interesting site which will be the SPS.  This is about who you really are.

Many of us found our dreams and our true identities squashed in our early years.  As we get older dreamers are punished for dreaming…. Yet the greatest inventions of all time were created by ‘dreamers’. Some of the greatest people ever, those we refer to as ‘saints’ who gave everything to create a better world.  They chose to simply believe in themselves and made the impossible, possible.

Many of us hate our jobs but cannot even answer the question, ‘what would you rather be doing’?

One of the recognised fundamental needs of being human is to feel valued.  we achieve this through giving.  It explains why for many people, the only dream they still hold is ‘when I can afford to, I would like to do charity work of some sort.’  Once we know who we are, we see so many further possibilities.

Membership needs for the business to be fully viable

We need 1000 members to make the business long term viable, but we believe the majority of people need what we are putting together, so see this as an easily achievable first target.

Our first websites are focused on value of the content.  They are in constant evolution from feedback we receive.  This is important, as although we can see the challenges we face, we recognise there are many different solutions, and many different things that hold people back from following a specific path we may suggest.  We refer to these as our personal ‘demons’!

With this in mind, we are building the early websites ourselves, as this means we can make changes in a couple of days, or possibly hours or minutes if necessary.

Future business development

We are already consulting many experts for our information, but there is no greater expert in someones life than the person himself.  Therefore the more we grow, the more experts we will have to refer to.  Our job will continue to be to simplify multiple views into the simplest common sense views.

Initially we are building every aspect of the  business ourselves.   Once our membership provides sufficient income, we intend employing further people to help up sift through more information quicker, and provide further focused information in multiple sub areas, so that our information will feel more personal and more people can gain benefit from it.

Once the websites start to stabilize, and we have sufficient funds, we will have professionals build new websites end to end, to improve the presentation, and resolve any technical challenges we may have found along the way.

Quality Free content

Of the three main websites, SPS and HPS will be free for everyone.  We believe the information they hold is essential and should have been taught in the formal education system.  Why should anyone have to pay for this fundamental information!  People who have no money can still gain great value, and this should encourage them to tell their friends, and spread the word about us.

By providing a considerable amount of high value content for free, we can use this as promotion for the paid site – WPS.  Whether we like it or not, we live in a money orientated world, but as above, education on the subject is sadly lacking in our formal education system.

Membership Site

It makes sense to make the WPS the paid site, as paying for membership gets the member thinking about money and its value!  We can also use a simple affiliate program to help people both spread the word, and to help them earn additional income.  A beneficial ‘bonus’ with unemployment on the rise.

The ‘Partner Program’ (PP) has the added bonus of incentivising people to spread the word.  Most people would like to share knowledge for free, but many of us have been led to believe we must put a price on the knowledge we share with someone.  We ‘need’ to get something out of sharing the info!

It is also a balance as with the instant gratification society, we expect a lot for doing very little.  This is how we have designed the program.  Tell your friends.  Encourage them if you choose, but either way, you can leave the rest to us.


The simple lessons within the WPS are easily worth the $19.97 a month.  A similar newsletter /website charges $97 a month for similar info aimed at customers with typically higher net worth than what we see as our typical member. The last announcement we saw gave their membership at around 14000

We are looking very closely at our pricing and realise this may need to be raised.

The membership also pays for the PP and the other sites which ultimately could lead to a better world for all. After all, we are all in this (world) together!

From a potential customer’s perspective:  How much is it worth to improve your quality of life and that of those around you.  Can you afford around $0.67 a day or just £0.42.  It’s about the same as a colour TV license in the UK.  Of course, many people pay even more to add more channels.
Does TV really improve our quality of life as much as our health, or really knowing who we are, does?

The pricing above assumes the member does not introduce anyone through the Partner Program.  With a little effort, if he chooses, his membership could be free, or better!

Additional Products for sale

Throughout the sites there will be a number of additional products for sale.  Some we will earn an affiliate commision for, others we will be creating ourselves, while other there will be ‘nothing in it for us’.  None of this is relevant.  Any products we sell or recommend will only be added in the best interests of the members.  Any income we receive will be a bonus.


Something we have spent a lot of time reviewing is peoples wants and needs, and how, and why they differ.  We believe our websites and newsletters provide the needs, and we have to go through an initial education process to encourage people to want what they need.

To this end a lot of our promotional material is based around traditional marketing tactic of getting the potential customer to want the product.  He will then use the need to justify his purchase or membership.  But, everyone is different, so some of our marketing is also based around needs and logical explanation of what is on offer.

To put is another way, advertising benefits is usually what sells, and features it what keeps the customer justifying the purchase to himself and others.  We believe we have both covered.

In conclusion

So why is Real Wealth a ‘need’, when a lot of what we are doing is just collecting info from a variety of expert sources?  We see it this way: Do you want to spend a few thousand hours and a few thousand dollars subscribing to various newsletters to find the good and bad that works for you?

Why a society?   It gives people the opportunity to feel as though they ‘belong’  as others are fighting the same demons.  Everybody is unique though, so by covering a holistic approach people will still feel as though they belong though they face a unique set of challenges.

What makes us competent to run the above business?

Although we are only just opening our business to the public it has took us two years to get everything in place… We are truly passionate to help others and will continue to inspire people to take control of their health and happiness.

We have created a solid foundation for our membership and already have customer interest. Our initial marketing strategies are in place and are ready to boost our numbers as soon as we can take payment.

We know we have the experience and the resources to evolve our business as the economy changes meaning our membership is sustainable.

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