I’m Cynical

Don’t Worry We Expect You To Be!

People live in a way of conformity… we do things because everybody else is doing the same and when everyone else is doing it, this becomes the norm. We are also fed information on a daily basis through the media that reinforces our current view.

When something is so far outside our belief system it doesn’t fit in, we find it easier to ignore or make fun of the messenger!

This is recognised as ‘Normalcy Bias’.

People are not aware… or putting it a better way, are only slowly becoming aware of the constant changes in society that is creating the perfect storm in the financial world.

The normalcy bias prevents the average person from seeing what is really going on and this is why we all need to take an interest in educating ourselves!

It’s A Joke, Isn’t It?

It’s all too easy to accept that the truth is actually a joke perpetuated by a few comedians.

Here’s a great sketch about the failing economies in the euro zone from 2010.

Here is a speech in the euro parliament 2 years later!

Can you spot the difference?

Maybe your leaders are having a laugh at YOUR expense, and the joke’s on YOU??

Are You Willing To Look Beyond YOUR Normalcy Bias?


If you’re ready to learn what’s really going on and more importantly what YOU can do about it…

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