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What We Offer

You will love what we have to offer in the WPS membership area

If you have read our vision and mission then you will know that we want you to take as much away from your WPS membership as possible. As the economy evolves… So will we. As new ideas create new ways to preserve and build wealth we will explore them. Those that we believe in, we will present them to you with supporting evidence and endeavour to keep you ahead of the game.

Below is just a small overview on what we offer at this time…

WPS StrategyThe WPS Strategy

Our primary strategy will be kept deliberately simple. Our objective will be that we follow this with minimal effort and only a few minutes work each month.

We are going to be around for the long haul, and we understand that the economy is not a static beast. So when the economy evolves so will our strategy.



We also give you the option to learn more. We feel that knowledge is a vital asset and the right knowledge can be priceless. With the WPS the information will be ongoing and current, as well as teaching you the fundamental aspects of financial education. We want to give you the education that you didn’t have in school!

Real Money

Real Money

Thoughout the last 5000 years or so real money has been recognised as Gold and Silver. Over the last few generations, this education has been taken away from the ordinary person. We are now so much in the dark that most of us don’t realise that the ‘Fiat Currency’ sat in our bank accounts is being devalued daily! What we do ‘feel’ is that everything is getting more expensive. The cost of living continues to increase, and life seems to get harder every day.

What can we do about it? What can YOU do about it?

The first thing is to understand where Gold and Silver fits in the picture.

Gold & Silver

Gold & Silver

We are NOT ‘Gold Fanatics’. We are not saying get rid of all your dollars, pounds and euros. What we will help you understand is why Gold and Silver are used as an ‘insurance policy’ or ‘hedge’ against inflation.

Not all ‘Gold’ is the same!! You will also learn what Gold we buy and what we wouldn’t touch!

Other Wealth Preservation Strategies (Coming soon)

What are the other assets that are GAINING in value? What strategies do the rich use? We have spoken briefly about Gold and Silver but what about other assets?

In the member’s area you will find a growing wealth of information, so that you can find the strategy that works for YOU!

Outside The Box Thinking… 

Outside The Box Thinking

The ‘box’ we are referring to here is YOUR life.  There are so many pressures on us in the modern world. Many of us wouldn’t even consider that helping someone else may actually help us!  This is the main concept we expand on this section and is the real secret of creating wealth!

Self Empowerment

Self Empowerment

Through the education system of the last few years (and this includes the media), we have been taught how to ‘give away our power’.  “It’s someone else’s fault”… “The Government will look after us”…

Well, look around you…Financial crises…Banking Crises…Political scandals… Do you really want to leave your life in the hands of others?

One of the reasons we do, is that we feel it is too much of a challenge to take back our own power. Even thinking about it can feel stressful. We at the WPS believe it is vital to be living our lives free from this burden. Stress typically comes from a feeling of being helpless or simply overwhelmed. The WPS provide you with the EDUCATION and ENCOURAGEMENT, all you need to do is take ACTION.

You should, after all, this is a Self Preservation Society!!

Monthly & Weekly Newsletters


To keep you updated with our primary strategy we will provide you with a simple weekly update. (Designed to be read in less than 2 seconds!) Honest!!

You will also receive a monthly newsletter aimed to give you a more detailed overview of developments within the WPS, and further learning opportunities.

Recommended Books, CD’s & DVD’s

Recommended Media

This section is intended to help empower you to take back control of your own life.

You will also find we have included a number of titles which are entertaining and fun!

Exclusive Members Bonuses…

Exclusive Member Bonuses

We guess you’ll have to be a member to find out what goodies we have for you.

Passive Income Opportunity

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If you feel you might be ready to take the next step in YOUR Wealth Preservation…

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