Why WPS?

Why The Wealth Preservation Society?

Think of the WPS as a sanctuary from the madness of the modern world!!!

“The mediocre teacher tells.
The good teacher explains.
The superior teacher demonstrates.
The great teacher inspires”…
Quote by. William A. Ward
…At the WPS we aim to inspire!

The Challenge






Governments Do Not Always Make The Best Decisions On Behalf Of The People.

As events continue to unfold people will come to realise that we are on the verge of the biggest ‘Wealth Transfer’ of all time. The existence of the class system is a problem in itself. Regardless, the middle classes will be decimated and the lower classes will be left to fend for themselves…

Current Solution:

The government’s solution to the economic challenges ahead will be to keep printing more money. In our opinion this will NOT work, and will critically damage YOUR finances. We believe printing more money will simply devalue the money that is already ‘out there’ and just delay the inevitable!

If this all sounds like a load of mumbo jumbo, and you need help with visualising the scale of the debt, click here to see some great (shocking) images.

Who Will This Affect?


The longer the government takes to resolve the economic mess, the greater the pain to the individual will be and OUR debt will continue to be passed down to our children (and their children).

And let’s be clear, when we say the individual, we mean the middle and lower classes, as well as the uneducated rich! In fact, the majority of the population….. But not the bankers, or their friends on Wall Street, or their politician friends…

Do You Want To ‘Win’ Despite The Challenges We Face?

Where do you see yourself at this time? Which group do you think you fit in presently?

If you recognise yourself as being in the first group, all is not lost. Once you learn how to ‘play the game’ (its actually fairly simple), you can position yourself on the side of the ‘winners’.

So It all comes down to a couple of simple questions…

  • Where will you be as events unfold?
  • Do you believe you will be ok fending for yourself?

…or would you rather have someone looking out for you?

The Solution

The Wealth Preservation Society

Our mission at the WPS is to help as many ‘ordinary people’ as possible. The type who may not necessarily want to know all the details, but would like to be kept informed of the most critical concerns and what actions that they could take, and when. We back up our observations with facts and evidence, so if you choose to learn more, you can feel confident in trusting what you read.

Typical Current Thinking

The bankers and Wall Street would lead us to believe that we should always invest with their institutions… Well, look how that has played out in recent years: The stock market crash and the banking crisis. Savings and pension plans are being devastated all over the place… (Have you checked yours recently?)

The Real Answer

In reality, we have to be adaptable as the ebb and flow of the financial base means that at times we should invest in one asset class and at other times, in another.

The challenge is to know what the next asset class will be and when to move into it. Experts refer to the ebb and flow of the asset classes as ‘Wealth Cycles’. A wealth cycle is a transfer of wealth from one class to the next. In practice, we need to buy low – sell high, then repeat the process with the next.

These ‘wealth cycles’ are well known, one of the most powerful being a 70 year cycle known as the Kondratieff. Knowing these, it is a simple process of having our assets in the right place at the right time. The elements of the cycle typically lasts 10 to 20 years, so its not as if we have to keep moving our assets around every week!

Why Should You Listen To Us?

The strategies we use are based on knowledge, common sense, and experience. We don’t want you to take our word for it, our goal is to empower you and for you to make your own decisions through your own research.

Our vision is of a level playing field for all.

In summary, we are a group of people passionate about understanding how the financial systems of the world work. With that knowledge we aim to preserve our own wealth and to help others learn how they could do the same.

If you feel you might be ready to take the next step in YOUR Wealth Preservation…

Click Here



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